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Varied Carpet Beetle

Varied Carpet Beetle information, pest control for elimination of carpet beetle infestations.
The Varied Carpet Beetle is not as common and widespread as the Black Carpet Beetle but it is found in many homes.  The larvae of this beetle feed on many different types of materials including wool, carpets, feathers, bone, horns.  It is not uncommon to find these immature stages feeding on insect pupae, especially wasps and mud daubers.  The adult stage of this pest is smaller than the adult black carpet beetle but its larvae stage still has the familiar carrot shaped body.

In many homes this beetle is a pest that continues to re-infest, causing a great deal of time and money being spent on its elimination.  This is usually because an exterior or hidden source has not been found and destroyed.  Varied Carpet Beetle larvae are often found in nests of birds, spider webs and on or around dead animals.  These pests are fabric pests and scavengers that will feed on many different materials.  If all possible sources are not found, elimination of this beetle and its destructive larvae can be quite difficult.

The first step in elimination is to locate and destroy all possible areas where the larvae live, feed and pupate by looking for the different materials mentioned above.
To kill existing larvae and adults in the home use a two step insecticide approach.  First, treat all possible areas with an odorless product that is labeled for indoor use that will not stain most rugs, carpets and flooring.  The spray must also be safe to use in areas where children and pets frequent treated rooms.  Suspend SC is best for this type of work.  The insecticide spray (containing Deltamethrin) is long-lasting so that you do not have to spray as often as with over the counter sprays.  Suspend SC is water-safe for all fabrics, has no odor and once it has been allowed to dry it is perfectly safe for people and pets to re-enter the treated areas.
After your Suspend SC spray treatment has been allowed to dry, use Drione Dust in any small areas where sprays cannot reach.  These areas include tiny cracks or seams between walls and baseboards, the edges of wall to wall carpeting, under furniture and inside of cushions of couches and chairs.  This professional dust should also be applied into wall voids (where the pests can hide or enter a room) and also on any animal nesting materials in attics or crawl spaces.  Once these materials have been properly treated and all beetle larvae are dead, it will be safe to remove the materials from the premises.  The best way to apply Drione Dust to cracks, crevices and wall voids is with the use of a Crusader Duster, a hand bellows duster.  Warehouses or other large or commercial jobs might require the use of a professional electric duster to apply Drione Dust to larger voids or crawl spaces.  Do not broadcast Drione or any other dust into areas above false or drop ceilings as this allows the insecticide dust to possibly contaminate the air below.

Spray equipment, Crusader Duster, Suspend SC concentrate and Drione Dust are all included in the Clothes Moth Kit.  This kit is not only excellent for clothes moth and carpet beetle elimination but is great for general purpose pest control.  Use to eliminate and control a wide variety of pests such as spiders, ants, carpenter ants, roaches, fleas, ticks and other listed pests.

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