Last updatedLast updated: July 14, 2022
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Baygon 2% Bait insecticide is a unique formulation of the well known Baygon PCO insecticide and Invader Baygon Aerosol. This is the best bait available for use in the control of crickets and large roaches. Because of the particle size, this bait can be used like a crack and crevice dust or used in outdoor applications. Use the Crusader Duster when applying Baygon Bait to cracks and crevices.  The 2% bait is a ready-to-use product, and is very effective for the control of crickets and the following cockroaches: American, Brown, Brown bandedGermanOriental and Smoky brown. It gives rapid kill of these insects including those resistant to other materials. Crickets and roaches die quickly after feeding on the bait.

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