Baygon 70 WP

Last updatedLast updated: July 14, 2022
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Talstar Concentrate is the best substitute liquid for Baygon.
Cyper WP is a very good wettable powder concentrate to use.

Baygon WP – (a.i. Baygon 70.0%) This Carbamate class of insecticide is a favorite with our customers for eliminating centipede and millipede populations around their homes. Baygon WP gives excellent control of such insects as antscockroaches, clover mites, cricketsearwigs, outdoor fleas, flies (exterior structural surfaces), millipedes, mosquitoes (exterior structural surfaces), scorpionssilverfish, sow bugs, spidersticks, water bugs, punkies and sand flies. It provides good flushing action and rapid knockdown of cockroaches.  The wettable powder formulation gives a long residual control of these insects. Packaged in 1 LB container and makes 16 gallons of solution.

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