Not Nice to Lice Control Lice in Hair with No Pesticides

Last updatedLast updated: July 12, 2022
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Control Lice in Hair with No Pesticides

Not Nice to Lice is an enzyme based mousse that contains no pesticides.
This lice control product is completely biodegradable upon application and has no residual contamination.  Not Nice to Lice has such low toxicity that it is essentially baseless to people, pets, wildlife and crops.

Use Not Nice to Lice to quickly and effectively wash out head lice and head lice nits.
This product is safe enough to re-apply daily.
Use pesticide free mousse and stainless steel comb for head lice treatment!

Pesticide Free Lice Removal!

Not Nice to Lice contains no pesticides, poisons or toxins.  This product was originally formulated as a shampoo for removing lice and nits.  This new mousse formulation has same pesticide free ingredients as the original product.

Directions for Use on Hair and Scalp for Head Lice Infestation

  • Wet hair with warm water.
  • Add 2 ounces of Not Nice to Lice to hair an massage for 5 minutes.
    Do not rinse.
  • Add 2 more ounces and massage 5 more minutes.
    Do not rinse.
  • Continue to add Not Nice to Lice (and massage) until 8 ounces of the lice killer has been applied to hair and scalp.
  • Leave product on hair and scalp for 15 minutes.
  • With mousse still in the hair, add hair conditioner if desired, comb through the hair with any fine tooth comb to assist in removing head lice nits that have been released.  Nit Free Terminator Comb is best.
  • Rinse thoroughly with a strong spray of very warm water.  The lice and the nits will rinse out.
  • Inspect under bright light.  When used properly, you can be nit free in one day.  If any nits remain, steps 1 and 2 can be repeated immediately.


Head Lice Treatment Nit CombHow to Order

Not Nice to Lice is available in 8 ounce containers; enough product to treat one person, one time.  Each 8 ounce container is $11.95, plus S&H.  This mousse/shampoo can be ordered alone or in handy combo kit.  The head lice treatment combo contains 1 bottle of Not Nice to Lice and 1 Nit Free Terminator stainless steel nit comb.  The Nit Free Terminator can also be purchased individually.  To order head lice treatment combo, click on Nit Free Terminator Nit Comb.

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