Outside Flea Control (Summer 2022)

Last updatedLast updated: July 11, 2022
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Outside Flea Prevention

Preventing fleas from ever populating is the best form of flea control outside, just as it is inside. The best, safest and cheapest way to prevent flea infestations outside is to use a Nylar IGR concentrate.
Nylar is available in a 16 ounce container, which is best for using outdoors.  IG Regulator is an IGR, available in 1 ounce and 4 ounce containers.  The 4 ounce size can be used in small outdoor areas and will cover no more than 4,000 square feet.  Use the 16 ounce Nylar for most outdoor applications (and indoor) to safe money.

1 ounce and 4 ounce Nylar    Pint of Nylar     Flea Kits with Nylar included

(Insect Growth Regulator) which prevents flea eggs and flea larvae from maturing into reproducing, biting adult fleas. At any given time, the adult fleas in your home or lawn account for about 2% of the total flea population; 80% of the population is in the egg and larvae stages. By using Flea Fix outside three times a year, indoors and outdoors, you prevent flea population explosion. A good time begin your flea prevention program is April Fools Day.
For more on fleas and indoor flea control, go to our Indoor Flea Control article.
For details on how to use pesticides for outdoor flea and tick elimination, go to our Outdoors Flea Control Methods and Products page.

Because IG Regulator is an insect hormone, it has no effect on non target animals such as mammals, reptiles or birds. Your pets and children are safe around Nylar IGR, when label instructions are followed.

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Spraying For Adult Fleas Outside

The best combination to kill fleas outdoors is Permethrin SFR and IG Regulator.   Our Outdoor Flea Kit contains Permethrin SFR Qt. 4 ounce Nylar,  \and a 20 Gallon Hose End Sprayer.

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The following pointers will help you in getting rid of outdoor flea infestations:

  • Permethrin SFR is an excellent choice for liquid adulticide flea killers.  This product is used indoors and outdoors for control of fleas, ants, roaches and termites.
  • Use a hose end sprayer when applying liquids for outdoor fleas, outdoor ant pest control, etc. You need a lot of volume to saturate the soil and a hand held pump up sprayer is not adequate.
  • If your area has had a dry spell, saturate the ground with water 24 hours before spraying. This makes the flea pupae hatch into adults so the spray will kill them.
  • Spray in the early morning or late evening for best results.
  • During and after spraying keep pets and children off the sprayed area for about 3 hours or until completely dry.
  • Re-spray your pesticide (Permethrin) in one week.
  • Add Nylar to your first pesticide application. This gives you long term control.  The adult fleas make up only 2% of the population; eggs and larvae make up about 80% of the flea population.  Nylar IGR takes care of existing and future flea eggs and larvae.

DeltaGard granules are an alternative to liquid sprays. This granular product is an effective synthetic pyrethroid that works in the control of fleasantsgrubs, and other Lawn Pests.

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