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Last updatedLast updated: July 11, 2022
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There are several professional ant baits made by Maxforce that can be used inside buildings and outdoors to control a variety of pest ants.  There are different factors to consider when choosing a bait or buying a combination of baits for stubborn, persistent or hard to manage ant infestations.  You must first determine if the ant species that has invaded your home or property will respond to a baiting program.  While some ants readily accept baits, others rarely feed on baits and some ant species might call for a combination of sprays and baits.
To see the list of the ant baits, skip down to Maxforce Ant Baits.

Another decision to make is which formulation of bait is needed for the job.  Maxforce baits can be purchased in granular forms (both regular and fine granules), solid bait stations and gel formulation.
Among the different formulations you can also use an ant specific bait, a bait that has been developed to lure and kill a specific type of ant.  You might choose to combine more than one bait for the job at hand.

Carpenter ants can be controlled with a combination of different ant baits designed for the job.  Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel is excellent for placing small amounts of soft, gel formulated bait in areas where bait stations or granules are not practical.  For most jobs, use a granular bait around the exterior of the structure, in crawl spaces and attics to help the gel formulation complete the job.
For more information go to the Carpenter Ant article or the Carpenter Ant Bait web page.  Inspecting for carpenter ants is another information page that is very important.

Fire ants can be a nuisance both indoors and in areas around the home such as gardens, flower beds, playgrounds, sports fields and lawns.  Maxforce Fireant Killer Granules will work on your outdoor fire ant problems.  Maxforce FG bait is a granular product that has a smaller particle size than most granules.  This smaller size makes it easier to bait in wall voids, behind light switch covers and other such places.  For this type of indoor crack and crevice work, use a Crusader Duster for better and easier application when baiting for indoor fireants.

Pharaoh Ants are a good example of an invading ant species that needs a combination of bait products.  Spraying an insecticide will usually make the Pharaoh ant infestation worse!  Maxforce FC Ant Bait Stations is a favorite among professionals for using against these pests.  For best results, combine the bait stations with a gel formulated bait, such as Maxforce Ant Killer Bait Gel.

The following products are Maxforce baits that are formulated for ants:

There are additional baits made by Maxforce.  To see a list of these pest management products, go to the Maxforce Products page.  There are also several different types of good ant baits to choose from.  If you need to find baits for a particular pest, go to the Baits page.  Not all ants will accept baits; some of the ants that will accept baits are not always eliminated by baiting procedures.  Read more about ants on the ant information page or find your particular ant pest on the Ant Index page.  For other household pests, go to the Pest Index.  If you need to find other products or equipment for pest control jobs, go to Pest Control Supplies.

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