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MicroFoam           Drain Gel, DF 5000, Vector Bio
Begins Working Instantly with visual results Requires applications every 2 days for 6 days – then requires up to months for visual results
Can be mixed with pesticides Since Vegetative state – pesticides will kill
Can have pesticides sprayed directly over it Will be killed by any pesticides – must be reapplied after the pesticide residue is gone
Can resist bleach and other cleaners Will be killed by bleach and harsh cleaners – must be reapplied after residue is gone
Ready to Foam – just add water into quart foamer Will not foam for instant cleaning
Can be Foamed, sprayed, or applied direct Can be sprayed or applied direct only (DF 5000 cannot be sprayed)
Microbes starts breaking down organic waste immediately Microbes require several re-applications to effectively begin breaking down grease
Saves shipping and warehouse costs (8 oz of material makes 8 gallons) Heavy, ready-to-use quarts are bulky and costly to handle
Convenient to carry onto accounts – a small 8 ounce bottle can fit into carry case and makes 32 quarts of material If you need more than 1 quart, must go back to truck when you run out.
Cuts callbacks by eliminating fruit fly breeding sites before your eyes Requires numerous visits and re-applications  (If there are no bleach or pesticides in area)
Includes fragrance/wetting agent which is absorbed into porous materials. Wetting agent/fragrance carries microbes into deepest points of odor source (leaving a long-lasting fresh smell). Have odor-masking agent which is temporary (DF 5000 has no fragrance at all)
Cuts labor costs – no need to remove drain cover, only seconds to spray foam Can’t reach many areas with squirt bottle, must reapply, must remove drain covers
900 billion microbe cells per gallon Vector Bio 350 billion microbes per gallon

Drain Gel/DF 5000 500 billion per gallon

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