Permethrin, Professional Grade

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Last updated: December 29, 2022
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Permethrin Pro: for use on carpets, lawns; kills termites, powderpost beetles, Oleander Caterpillars, Fleas, Ticks.

(Permethrin is also available in an aerosol spray, used to repel ticks on clothing)

“Professional Grade Permethrin” is a term we use for Permethrin products that contain at least 36% active ingredients.

Our most popular brand of Permethrin:
Permethrin SFR (same as Dragnet )
When applying Permethrin Pro indoors, use a pump type garden sprayer, such as the Chapin Sprayer.
Outdoor applications require the use of a hose-end sprayer.
Using pump type garden sprayers for outdoor flea or tick problems rarely works.

Permethrin SFR and 20 gallon hose-end sprayer are both included in our Outdoor Flea Kit.

Order Permethrin SFR Qt.

Order Permethrin SFR 1.25 gallon

Order Dragnet Qt. 

Pests Targeted by Permethrin
Home Pests  Lawn Pests   Wood Destroying Pests
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In and Around Homes:
Centipedes, Ants, Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, Bat Bugs, Bed Bugs, Bees and Wasps, Carpenter Bees, Boxelder Bugs, Cockroaches, Asian Cockroaches, Crickets, Flies, Drain Flies, Cluster Flies, House Flies, Earwigs, Firebrats, Ground beetles, Leaf beetles, Millipedes, Flour Beetles, Indian Meal Moths, Larder beetles, Pillbugs, Scorpions, Silverfish, Sowbugs, Spiders, Carpet Beetles, Brown Dog Ticks.

Lawns and Ornamentals:
Various turf and ornamental pests including fleas, ticks, molecrickets, chinch bugs, ants, fireants, boxelder bugs, chiggers, bark beetles, borers, aphids, bagworms, Elm bark beetles, whiteflies and others.  Permethrin (Dragnet) has proven to be the best insecticide to use when controlling Oleander Caterpillars that destroy Oleander shrubs.

Wood Destroying Pests:
Termites, subterranean termite, ants, carpenter ants, wood infesting beetles, Powder Post Beetle, Old House Borers.

The high concentration means that very little product is used per application.  For fleas, roaches, ticks, ants and other indoor pests, only 1 to 1.6 ounces of Permethrin is needed per gallon.  When treating outdoors for fleas, ticks, ants, molecrickets, chinch bugs and other insects, 1 ounce of Permethrin will cover 1000 square feet of lawn. Works great in combination with IGRs such as Archer, Gentrol and IG Regulator.

Permethrin For Termite Treatment:
Permethrin is available in two sizes: quart and 1.25 gallon.

Professional Grade — Permethrin SFR

Low to no odor during or after application.
(Also approved for broadcast treatment indoors for certain pests such as fleas.)
Available in 1 quart and 5 quart sizes.
Mix 1 quart Permethrin with 20 gallons of water to treat 50 linear feet and last at least 2 to 5 years.
The 5 quart (1.25 gallon) Permethrin mixes with 100 gallons water to treat 250 linear feet.

Permethrin SFR and Dragnet are approved for spraying outdoors and inside homes, but not for spraying directly on animals.  Do not apply this product to dogs, cats or other animals.  After treated areas are dry, people and pets can safely re-enter properly treated areas.  This material is “water-safe” for fabrics and will not harm lawns, carpets, furniture, flooring or pets, when used as directed.   Remember to always follow label instructions.  Do not treat toys, food, water dishes or other such objects.

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