Preventic Tick Collar For Dogs

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Last updated: December 24, 2022
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Kills Ticks for Three Months

Tick Biology Tick Elimination

Preventic, Active Ingredient: Amitraz …9.0%

Preventic kills and detaches ticks on dogs within hours and prevents new ticks from attaching for up to three months.  Amitraz (the active ingredient in the tick collar) interferes with the tick’s metabolism, causing the tick to detach and die.  Over a three month period, Amitraz is released at the correct consistent level.  Preventic uses the normal oils of your dog’s skin and hair as a vehicle to spread the Amitraz over the dog, from head to tail.
Cannot be shipped to AK

Only large size collar currently available.  At this time, we only carry the 25 inch collar for dogs 60 Lb. and over.
Smaller size to be available, soon.

Each box (containing one collar, for dogs weighing 60 pounds or more)
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