Silverfish and Spider Trap

Last updatedLast updated: July 14, 2022
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Silverfish and Spider Trap


Pesticide-Free Spider and Silverfish TrapThe Spider and Silverfish Trap captures adult and nymphal stages of silverfish, bristletails, firebrats, spiders and other insects. The trap works by intercepting running insects searching for food.
Use alone or in combination with silverfish insect baits.
An excellent add-on tool that is most often combined with Intice Granular Bait, Maxforce Complete Insect Bait or Intice 10 Perimeter Bait.
Intice products are boric acid baits.  Intice Granular Bait contains 5% boric acid; Intice 10 Perimeter contains 10% boric acid. These baits control silverfish and many other pests.

Silverfish and related insects occur almost every where, and are attracted by human foods, especially starchy foods, glue and old papers. The insects travel along edges, and can be caught beside baseboards, the corners of cupboards and along the back edges of shelving. Adult silverfish can live for years and lay only a few eggs at a time. Frequent cleaning and vacuuming, and disposal of old papers will assist in reducing silverfish problems. Long term use of Silverfish traps will reduce troubling infestations. Silverfish are annoying and can damage paper items, such as photographs, mementos and valuable papers. They breed in cool damp areas, such as attics, under shakes and shingles, and in walls. They are found almost everywhere.
A great extra tool when baiting homes with Maxforce CompleteIntice 10 Perimeter BaitIntice Granular Bait for silverfish extermination.

Each pack contains 6 Silverfish  & Spider Traps

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