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  1. Spider Elimination Kit includes spray, dust and applicator.Treat the perimeter of the building with a professional residual pesticide such as Cyper WP (same as Demon WP) or D-Fense SC (same as

    Suspend SC) at maximum strength.  We do not suggest trying to control black widow spider, brown recluse spider or other spiders or scorpions with the use of pesticides purchased in grocery stores, hardware stores or big home supply stores.   They rarely work!  As you can see, all of the suggested pesticides are professional wettable powder or microencapsulated formulations.
    Wettable powders sometimes leave a visible residue on dark surfaces.
    These products not only give you a super long residual kill with no odor, they also provide large particles on sprayed surfaces. This will give you the “knockdown” that you need to eliminate and control spiders.

  2. Indoors, you may also spray with Cyper WPDemon WP or D-Fense SC  in areas where spiders enter, hide or hunt for food. These areas may include baseboards, window sills, closets or around plumbing lines. For heavy infestations, you also need to use a contact aerosol such as Pyrethrin aerosol, for spraying directly on spiders.
    Cyper WP lasts 90 days or longer; might leave visible residue on dark surfaces.
    D-Fense SC lasts 60 days or longer; dries clear, no visible residue.
  3. For heavy infestations in attics and crawlspaces, power dusting with Delta DustPyganic Dust or Drione Dust.  When power dusting (using Electric Duster) Delta Dust can be combined with Drione.
  4. Save money, order our Spider Elimination Kit.  If necessary, order Delta Dust as extra integrated pest management tool for spider elimination.

Use chemical and non-chemical measures to control Brown Recluse SpiderBlack Widow Spider and other bugs that either pose a threat to your family or are otherwise unwanted in and around your home.  For spider bite information, go to the Brown Recluse Spider Bite web page.


  1. Eliminate or shield outdoor lights or bright indoor lights that attract the spiders insect food source.
  2. Trim weeds around the building foundation and remove debris to discourage insects and spiders from living next to a structure.
  3. Seal openings and install screens and door sweeps to prevent spiders (as well as other unwanted pests) from moving indoors.
  4. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove webs, spiders and their egg sacs.  Spider elimination includes prevention of entry, reduction of spider food and any condition that might encourage spider invasion or reproduction.
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