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Last updated: January 02, 2023
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This article helps those searching for squirrel information.  We have these animals divided into two basic groups: Ground Squirrels and Tree Squirrels.  The main difference between these animals is where they nest, live and hide from predators.
Click on any animal’s name for basic information including identification, mating habits, food preferences, range and habitat.  Our thanks to Lani Powell for her research on these animals and for writing articles on the twelve different squirrels listed on our site.

In the Tree Squirrel group the Red Squirrel, Grey Squirrel and Flying Squirrel.
These three animals are the most researched tree squirrels, whether it be for general interest or nuisance wildlife control.

Ground Squirrels

These animals include the nine ground squirrels most common in North America.  In many cases, ground squirrels are confused with gophers, chipmunks or other animals.  Click in general information link or go straight to the list of squirrels for specific information.

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