Syn-flex 1500

Last updatedLast updated: July 13, 2022
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New Glucosamine Liquid with White Willow Bark

Syn-flex® original formula is a powerhouse product.  For those who want more we have introduced Syn-flex® 1500. Now with 1,500 mg. of Glucosamine and White Willow Bark for even greater anti-inflammatory power!  But that’s not all… it’s an all-new flavor… a smooth Mandarin Orange and wonderful!

What is White Willow Bark?
White Willow Bark contains an ingredient called Salicin. When introduced into your body, it becomes salicylic acid. In an arthritis product, it provides one more anti-inflammatory to the formula. As well, it helps reduce prostaglandins which cause pain and inflammation. Although aspirin was originally derived form acetylsalicylic acid, White Willow Bark is different. It provides relief without the possible side effects of aspirin. As those who have used Syn-flex® regular formula know, we have powerful anti-inflammatories working for you. Syn-flex® 1500 just adds this little “extra” power to the formula. Safe, highly effective and delicious!New and Original Liquid Glucosamine and Solid Roll On

You now have three products to choose from:

  • Original Syn-flex (Liquid Glucosamine)
  • Syn-flex 1500 (Liquid Glucosamine and White Willow Bark)
  • Syn-flex Power Plus (Solid, Roll-On Pain Relief)
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