Talstar EZ

Last updatedLast updated: July 14, 2022
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Water Soluble Bifenthrin Granular Insecticide

Granular Talstar EZ contains the same amount of Bifenthrin insecticide as Talstar PL granules.  Talstar PL has a much smaller granule than most insecticides, a characteristic preferred by many people.  Talstar EZ was developed for those who choose to use Talstar but wish to apply the product with larger granule spreaders.
Both products (Talstar EZ and Talstar PL) give the same superior, long term control of antsfireantsmolecrickets and many other pests of lawns and landscaping.

The tiny particle size of Talstar PL has the advantage of dropping down deeper in lawns or other vegetation, allowing the insecticide to reach its target and not just cling to blades of grass.  The only disadvantage of using a very small granular size is in application: a hand seeder or shoulder carry granule spreader is usually required to achieve an even broadcast of the product.  Talstar EZ has a water soluble carrier that dissolves when irrigated.  This also allows for fast delivery of insecticide to the areas where lawn pests live, feed or travel.

Each bag of Talstar EZ will cover 10,000 square feet.

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